Aztech Thermal Extruder

Aztech- Mini hot melt butyltherm machine has an adjustable digital temperature control, holds up to 2gal of hot melt sealant, and has a light weight 8ft heated hose and hand gun. This unit can accept 6 to 8 pound chunks and additional material can be added at any time without a stop in production.

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Aztech Mini

Thermal Extruder

The AZTECH MINI is a small compact table top hot melt gunning unit designed for production rates of up to 50lbs. of hot melt sealants or adhesives per day. The pot holds approximately 20lbs. of material. Additional material be added to the pot any time during production. A heavy duty progressive cavity pump provides a uniform, pulse free adjustable flow rate for hand gunning or automatic dispensing. An eight foot heated gunning hose and a trigger actuated hand gun with a swivel coupling is supplied with the unit. A variety of nozzles and dispensing heads are available. Clean up is minimal. The power is simply turned off when the equipment is no longer needed and reheated when required. Heat up time is approximately one hour.

Technical Data:

  • Holds 2 gallons of product
  • Gunning rates up to 1lb per hour
  • eight foot gunning hose and light weight hand gun
  • Simple to use and easy to maintain
  • Small and compact for table top use
  • Fast heat up time
  • 200 to 400 *F Operating range.
  • Solid state temperature controls and digital temperature readout.
  • 220v 60hz
  • 19″ Deep x 24″ Wide x 16″ High
  • 110 Lbs¬† shipping weight
  • 8A @ 220v
  • 1Hr heat up time


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